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SlickX360 IMAC 2,92m

The SlickX360 is our newest most up-to-date creation.

The SlickX360 was created in collaboration with several well known competition pilots, the voluminous fuselage and the very neutral design ensures extremely clean flight characteristics in classic aerobatics.

The IMAC layout has significant smaller ailerons and elevator.

For a perfect force transmission we recommend the slitted rudder option and the use of our GFK rudder horns!

Model-Power Slick X360 flown by Wolfgang Krahofer Jr.

The Carbon canopy is standard, a slightly tinted canopy is available as an option.

The SlickX360 IMAC is available with 2 positions for the wing tube(2-Zyl /4-Zyl) .

The SlickX360 IMAC is prepared for 4 aileron servos and 2 elevator servos.

Dry weight (ready to fly):
17kg using a 170ccm engine / 18-18,5kg using a 4-cyl.

Engine recommendation:
140ccm - 170ccm / 190ccm - 224ccm using a 4-cylinder.

SlickX360 SlickX360 SlickX360 SlickX360 SlickX360 SlickX360

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