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Service @ Model Power

Spare parts / repair service

The fact that we manufacture all components of our models ourselves, we can offer of course a comprehensive spare parts service for our models to you!
Also, of course a repair/replace service for the damaged parts as well as for the brushes is available.
Only the CFK wing tube is a purchased part - here we use an industrially manufactured carbon fiber wing tube that can withstand a load of 1.6 tonnes!


The fuselage of our models is built in a herex sandwich, for wings elevator and rudder we rely on the well-proven styrofoam-balsa construction. This is the lightest as well as the most quiet way to build wings!
In the area of the wing tube - to the supporting rib out - several layers of GFK are built in as well as CFK bands thus an enormous stability is reached.

The kit

"Kit" means a fuselage one color painted in the form and wings/tail surfaces ready for foiling. The option to let us do the foiling is highly recommended because of the durability (no bubbles) and also the quality of the foliation is unique and is proven over many years.
For the foiled models you have the choice to order a fuselage painted in the form (separating seams visible) or a fuselage painted from outside (separating seams puttied and sanded)
Our airbrush models are of course all painted from outside, thus the beautiful airbruhs are "disturbed" by the separation seam.

The package

All models have the cowling as well as the canopy ready adjusted and fastened. Wing-tube and elevator tube are ready set, 0° set to wings and elevator.
In wings and control surfaces beechwood anchor bolts are built in e.g. for Gabriel rudder horns. In the wings servo plates are ready glued in, in the elevator servo plates are prepared / bolted for horizontal installation.
CFK sandwich engine dome with molded sidecut.
All hinges are slotted and for the power introduction of wings and elevator to the fuselage 6 reinforcing plates are supplied.
The landing gear in GFK-CFK construktion and the CFK tail gear are also components of the kit as well as wheel pants, wheel axles and a spinner.
With the Extras additionally cuffs are supplied.

Individuality / adaption to customer wishes

We can adjust (more-or-less) everything to your needs!

Here is a list of the most popular free options:

Here is a list of the most popular additional options:

And last-but-not-least of course designs on customer request / template!

Other requests? We like to assist you configuring your dream model!


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Model Power Protection Bags.

Rudder rod, CFK plates, Large scale hinges, 2mm GFK rudder-arms suitable for all our planes.

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YAK 54, Extra330 SC,LC,LX
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PEFA muffler bundles

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